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Why It Is So Damn Hard to Find The One: A Memoir

I don’t usually ever open up about dating and relationships on this blog. After all, this is called The Montrealista, not The Relationshipista, and my usual focus is the best of what Montreal has to offer, not my latest romance shenanigans. I’m also no dating coach and I don’t have a degree in psychology, which is


The Iconic Black Halo Dress: Save or Splurge?

Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane. It’s 2010. Celebrity culture is at its peak and blogs like Perez Hilton, Celebrity Style Guide and Star Style Inc. have replaced traditional print magazines as the primary fashion references.  MTV hit reality shows like The Hills and The City are dominating millennial pop

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Par où commencer?

Honnêtement, je ne le sais pas. Voilà bientôt 10 semaines que nous sommes confinés et dans l’attente, dans le suspens. Le futur est plus qu’incertain et cet état stagnant commence à tous nous atteindre profondément. Je le vois auprès de mes amis, de ma famille, et bien sûr, chez moi. Car, étant confinée avec Yours Truly

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