I (Finally) Tried the Famed N.D.G. Ice-Cream Shop Ca Lem and It Is Bomb!


I first heard of a little ice-cream shop named Ca Lem through (what else?) Instagram. Not only did the place look super cute and ready to welcome anyone equipped with a phone, but also the ice cream seemed seriously drool-worthy. With all the unusual flavours available, I was intrigued.


I finally got the chance to go sample the menu last week, and I was NOT disappointed! To be honest, there was not a single meh flavour: they were all ice-cream-licious. The apple sherbet was even more flavourful than an actual apple. A definite favourite! Other yummy flavours included Banana Pie, Pandan and Vietnamese Coffee.


For my full-sized portion however, I set my sight on two very unique ones : Black Sesame Coco Ash and Taro Root. They were both absolutely amazing and unlike anything I had tasted before. The Coco Ash kind of tasted like vanilla, but with an edge. However, you should be warned that it turns your whole mouth (and everything else it touches) black. And I mean EVERYTHING, hint, hint. The Taro flavour was not dissimilar to sweet potato, taste-wise.


Coco Ash Ice Cream Ca Lem Montreal

Photo Credit : The Fashion Medley
The famed Coco Ash ice cream, in a soft serve version


I want to give a S/O to however thought of adding a wall of Insta-ready backgrounds for pictures. In fact, the whole place is prepared for any kind of photographic action, what with the exposed white brick walls, the post-its wall and the strategically placed plants. Not to mention the super cute Pinterest-y front yard!


Ca Lem also offers Vietnamese coffee and soft-serve, for which the flavour changes on a weekly basis. This week, it was Candied Orange and Tahitian Vanilla. Last week, it was Dulce de Leche and Caramelized Pear. I was so sad to have missed that one, but I am told that flavours rotate and that it will eventually come back.


I guess this will just have to be an excuse to go back! Not that I need any. For more information on Ca Lem, it’s right this way.

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